Benjamin “Ben” Winfrey was elected Prosecuting Attorney in 2014 and is serving in his first term as prosecutor.  Ben is a fourth generation Winfrey to call Miller County home.  He was raised on his family’s farm near Brumley, Missouri.  He graduated from Iberia high school in 1996 and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Missouri in 2001.  He graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis School of Law and began his practice of law at the international law firm of Bryan Cave, LLP in Kansas City, Missouri.

After three years of private practice Ben entered public service and became an assistant prosecutor for Jackson County, Missouri.  As an assistant prosecutor Ben prosecuted all types of crime beginning with nonsupport cases and then violent crimes such as domestic violence, robbery, and assaults.  He then became a cold case analyst responsible for the prosecution of unsolved cases. 

Ben is active in the Miller County community.  He is on the Board of Directors of the Tricounty YMCA and Gateway Industries and is active in several other organizations and chambers.  Ben is a lifelong member of the church of Christ.

In Missouri, the prosecuting attorney represents the people of the community.  The job of a prosecutor is not to win cases or convictions but instead, is to pursue justice.  A prosecutor is held to a special standard of fair play and responsibility.  We can only use our powers to uphold justice and the constitution.

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